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ok today in computer class i was thinking about making a website so i asked one of my best friends sitting next to me and asked him if he wanted to join and he said yes and so i was in study hall coming up with names for a website and i came up with and i will basically be a friendly video sharing website sort of like youtube but completely different and we want make the best website to our ability so ill need your guys help to help me and my friend create this website to the best of our ability so i put some questions up so you guys can help me out

Q2. website creators (like i can make the website and preview it

Q3. how do i upload my created website to the website i bought or rented

Q4. is it possible to create a membership like $5 a month with no video limitations (there will be a free membership but limited too how many videos they can upload)

Q5. how do i create accounts for people manually

Q6. how can i make a forum(this wil be our first website before we actually go to the main plan of making a video website and maybe make some money from memberships)

so i hope you guys can really help me because i am rally dedicated now to make a website. thank-you

UPDATES: Ok i read a article on a website(it called 2createaweb or something) and there is a thing called "adsense" and basically you go to google get your website approved and you are given banners to your website for ads and everytime a person clicks them you get money for your website! so i will dedicate my time to making a website about flight simulator (i will make sure there really isnt not competition to this site and all i really is the money and members ) and i will get adsense and make money to fund my video website project.

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ok so im going to get my domain name maybe this week from and it is going to be .net type(it is cheaper) now before i use "adsense" im going to have to attract some internet traffic to my site so you may see me post my website when i get it up on these forums(well in my signature) this website will be temporary(about maybe 3 years) to fund my video site project(and i will be able to rack up some knowledge on how to create websites and edit them).

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If you are making a video sharing website, your biggest problem will be bandwidth and server space. Most [people who run sites like that rent their own dedicated server rather than just renting a little bit of server space on one machine.

To put it bluntly (sorry!), it will cost you big time as videoes eat up bandwith at an alarming rate

I run a hosting company - and generally those who need the higher hosting packages are those who host video themselves rather than embedding from video hosting sites such as YouTube etc

Regarding some of your other questions

There's loads of different forums out there you can install
PHBBB that this site uses is free and is ok but tends to be open to bugs and hacking

Invision is a good board but that costs to buy

Setting up membership scheme can be done using a content management system like Joomla but will need some tweaking of the php code to make it fit your needs with regards to managing videos

Dreamweaver is one of the best paid website editors but again it's all money. There's some good free ones such as notepad++

Use an ftp client like cuteftp to upload it

Hope this helps

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ok there is a web hosting place called powweb and it offers 15,000GB of space which i think is more than enough start a forum so i can fund the video project and i can afford the hosting or dedicated servers for a video sharing website.

the powweb thing starts at $5.77 a month(which really is amazing)

btw thank you for your answere goodison ill look into the answere you gave me.

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Looks good that mate, can't quite compete with those prices lol

Check their terms and conditions and 'fair usage policy' very carefully though.

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