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this message is conducted for FEM, but if you know anything about my answer, your free to reply as well. Who is that man on FEM's picture every time. He looks famous, but I can't quite tell. I was just curious, thnx

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I think FEM's display pic at the moment is Christoph Schnider (drummer) from the band, Rammstein.

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If you click here, it says it's some "Heino" guy. Wink

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In my display pic, As of now, it's Heino. Heino is a German folksinger, popular in the mid 60's and continues to be popular now. The reason I changed it is because, yes, Flyaway was right, it was Christoph "Doom" Schnider, but seeing is how he was on there for a year, it's time i display my other taste in music!

you can download a few with winMX, and see what you think.
Just search "Heino" without the quotes.

whitenack Guest


Where does the German influence come from? Being from Mcbain, MI and all...

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Alex (Fire_Emblem_Master) Chief Captain

I have to you know McBain, or the surrounding area.


I was looking for a song entitled "Edelweiss" many of you have heard of it. I wanted a german version. I typed in "German Edelweiss" and the first match was one called "German-Heino, Edelweiss"

I downloaded and got hooked ever since

whitenack Guest

No, I don't know the Mcbain area, I just know it is far from Germany.

The reason I asked was both Rammstein and Heino are pretty obscure, and strongly german.

I prefer Falco as my german entertainer. He is really austrian, but that's close enough. 😂

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