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I just wanted to ask, is there someway that I can program the Sim to respond to ATC automatically, because, lets say I'm making a trans atlantic flight to Dallas from Heathrow, If im flying IFR, it'll get cancelled if I dont respond. Im normally taking a nap or something. IF you have any info on this, I would be very grateful.

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As far as I know, there's no way to program ATC for that. What you can do is take off VFR, and then just open a IFR flight wehn you feel awake enough.

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lol, thanks FEM, thats a strange solution, i would have never though of it, btw, is opening IFR in midflight realistic?


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Realistic or not, it is certainly possible in FS09. When you open the ATC window in flight, one of the options is "Open or create an IFR flight plan" or something like that. If you do it in flight, though don't let the program move the plane to the originating airport, or you'll have to fly the whole thing again.

It's useful if you realise that your destination airport is closed to VFR, due to weather. That has happened to me-- flew to Paris, they said nope, we're closed to VFR.


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There is no way that I know, but I always take off IFR and cancel it when I am at my cruising alititude. When i am 200nm out of my destination airport I open a new IFR flight plan.

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