How to autopilot?

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When I go in and set my flight plan, set heading and altitude, and hit autopilot my planes just go crazy..

How do I lay in a flight plan from point A to point B and autopilot.. I've tried many times but I can't seem to get it to work.


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Welcome to Flyaway 🍻 , this is for FS 2004 but should apply to FSX. There is also great information in The Learning Center area of FSX.

Click on link ➡

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Cool. I understand the flight planning feature, for example.. Earlier, I locked my heading into the autopilot on the airbus, I set the altitude and climb rate..

When I hit autopilot.. the jet just went out of control.. started doing loops and eventually crashed.

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If you are you using the Flight planner to do your flights.

In any aircraft, set your NAV/GPS switch to GPS and on the autopilot set it to nav, then set your altitude as normal, then click the AP on, then it should follow your flightplan.

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