The format war is over,hd-dvd gets the boot!

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A Toshiba insider claims that the company will abandon its HD-DVD format, yielding the next-generation DVD format war to Sony's competing Blu-ray technology. So now that the war is over you should run out and buy a new Blu-ray player, right? Not so fast.

The first generation Blu-ray players currently on shelves, profile 1.0, don't offer many nice perks like picture-in-picture, local storage, or internet connectivity. Those features will arrive with second generation players, called BD Live or profile 2.0, which should hit stores by the end of the year. Once prices fall, those are the players to buy.

As for HD-DVD...

Japanese public broadcaster NHK had earlier reported that Toshiba would suffer losses in the tens of billions of yen (hundreds of millions of dollars) as it scrapped production of HD DVD players and recorders and took other steps to exit the business.

Sorry to all those Xbox owners

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Just for once... it's not asking much is it? Just for once I wish you'd post GOOD News... NO -- not what you think.

It's a good and pertinent post nevertheless -- of course I already knew about it. BUT... as by now I have totally given up on figuring out which OS to get for my next rig, I've been turning my attention to exactly what you were so kind to sledgehammer us with.

So here's my dilemma: Should I buy 'LOST' season three in DVD or Blue Ray format?

Please... don't say Blue Ray

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All you need to know about your new that it can run FSX

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Xbox owners are fine as long as they didn't buy the external HD-DVD player. Microsoft is planning on offering an external Blu-ray drive in a few months.

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