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My eyesight has gone down hill looking for......

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A long while back, I ran across a thread that taked about the 747 or some other Boeings flying level at altitude. I recall someone replying with a download for ALL Boeing models in, I believe, FSX and FS9.

Does anyone recall this thread? If so, does it still exist?

I am looking for the download.



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You dont wanna get that, it's unrealistic, they fly at a little bit of a nose up attitude 😉

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I'm assuming your eyesight has gone down hill because of the pitch attitude pretending to go up hill even when you descend?

If that's our problem here than Cheeks is right with his little bit nose up attitude suggestion. The question is how much - at what altitude, perhaps what speed and on final in particular.

I've been struggling with this problem for several months. No idea of a permanent fix. I've got the problem with all my heavies and their smaller siblings such as 737s etc. FYI I've googled for solutions without success.

A temporary fix that will stay in place until I either change to another a/c or reload the sim is to delete the fs9.cfg, I don't worry about key assignments when flying heavies... and then make sure that my fuel and payload give me a decent center of gravity.
Typically in a Posky 747 at cruise my pitch attitude will be 3-4 degrees up. This will be true up to about FL370-390. Above that, the pitch will increase slightly.
With these settings, I'll be fine on final and land without a problem BUT I have to raise my seat or I'll either break the landing gear or run out of rwy due to lack of visibility.
Now I've landed and taxied to the gate... if I save this flight and exit the sim, I can pick up this flight (including this a/c) in a later session and everything's fine. I can either taxi to the active and fly the next leg or I can change to depart from another airport - no problem. If however I change the a/c, most of the time (strangely enough not always) I have to start all over again.

As I mentioned, I've been struggling with this for several months which makes me wonder if one of my add-on a/c contains something that causes it. I have not yet done another clean install of the sim which I have planned but should my next install solve the problem, I will definitely post the result.

I found an old post dating back to '03 which you might be interested in reading:

It's even longer than mine so take the day off

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William A. Jones (waj2306) First Officer

Here is my typical flight in a default b747-400 with only an add-on panel and sound:

FUEL AT: 25% upon Final
All Systems at Boeing Minimums
All surfaces per Checklist

Upon intercepting the glide slope at approx 5 nm out, the a/c is slowed to 145 KIA with full flaps.

The nose up attitude at this point increases from 4-6deg to over 15deg!

NOW: the exact same thing happens to the b737-400 and the b777-300.

The file I referenced in the original question adjusted line 1101 in the .AIR file. This file had an adjusted and complete .AIR file for ALL default Boeing A/C's in both FS9 and FSX.

The advantages that I welcomed was:

1 - On the b747-400, at touchdown, the nose gear stayed off the runway for less time. Therefore being able to stop in less time, but in a more realistic time and manner.

2 - The A/C used 5% less fuel due to less drag.

3 - I find more comfort in flying. Thus I enjoy it more.

I am recovering from a catastrophic hard drive replacement that lost all my files and systems. The lesson I learned was to backup I now backup my MSFS and add-on files to DVD disc.

I had taken for granted that I could search and find, to replace, these files, but that has proven wrong.

In the past three years that I have been involved with Flight Simulation, and the thousands of threads I have read to try and better understand it, I have enbraced the concept that it is flawed. That we are constantly finding ways to perfect it, and that we are not all programming specialist.

Thanks Cheeks and Tailhook. I can ALWAYS depend on this forum to help seek and understand these problems or curiosities.


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