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Viewin other people's aircraft

Pro Member Captain
walesdragon Captain

When me and my friend Jake play online, He is an F/A-18 hornet and so am I (Different makers, he has an F-18E and i have an aerial foundry one) but we see each others as learjets. Why is this, because i want to fly in formation and stuff but it looks sort of strange when doing that with a learjet.

Pro Member Trainee
PILOT777 Trainee

I am almost 100 percent sure its because you dont have his aircraft... what the internet for flight sim modles is it recignizez only your aircraft... you have so you have to get his aircraft and he has to buy the aierial foundry one and you guys should be flyin in no time Wink

Pro Member Captain
walesdragon Captain

Nice. But the F/A-18E that he has, I have. I think, I'm pretty sure its the same model, unless he downloaded the wrong one. I was talking him through it.

Pro Member Chief Captain
Cheeks Chief Captain

He doesn't have the same model then, just double check to be sure Wink

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Pro Member Captain
walesdragon Captain

If it's the same model, but he has a different livery that I don't have, does this mean that I will see him as a different aircraft?

Pro Member Captain
walesdragon Captain


Pro Member Trainee
AndreyPietov Trainee

I know this is not the exactr topic, but when i join fs2004 mp, the first other player i see always has the same plane i do. Like when i fly the f-16, and my friend is flying a 747, he will show up as 747 on list, but when i see him, he is an f-16 and even when he changes his aircraft, he is still and f-16d. how do i fix this? we like fly in formation with various aircraft, and it looks orrible when he is different aircraft. how to i fix this? Sad [/img]

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Pro Member Chief Captain
belgeode Chief Captain

It has to do with you having the same aircraft as him. If he is using a POSKY 747 and you do not have that, by default you will see him as the same thing you are in.

If he is using the default 747 for FS9 then you will see that since you have that same plane too.

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