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Hi! I really enjoy flight simulator 2004. It is great! I have logged 400 hours on it. I am a student pilot training out of the Long Beach flying club in Long Beach, California. The simulator helps me alot. My flight instructor was impressed by how much I knew when he first met me. He went out and bought fs2004. He had fs98 (the crappy one with absoultly no detail) and thought the rest were like it. Any way the following is what I would like to see in Flight Simulator 2006.

-more planes! there are too many taildraggers. I think you should put the concorde back on and get some piper airplanes. But remember, don't take any off.

-better visibility choices in the weather section. The visibility goes from 10 to 20 miles! Please, put some numbers in between 10 and 20.

-more traffic! I flew into LAX and there was only about 10 airplanes in the whole airport! That should be the first thing that you do. ANd don't forget to balance traffic out. There is as much traffic in a local 4000 ft. runway airport as there is in O'Hare.

-at airports with more than one runway USE ALL OF THEM!

-make the charts printable. I would like to learn how to navigate another way than with the GPS

Any ways, keep up the good work, and listen to the public.
Thanks Again,
Matthew Short

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