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Nellis AFB to Area 51

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The flightplan was, Nellis AFB -> Indian Springs AFB -> Tonapah Test Range -> Area 51, but do to winds in excess of 99+ knots, with gusts even stronger, I made the decision to makea quick descent into Area 51, and skip launching the X-51 over Tonapah. Enjoy.

1. Startup.

2. Going past a C-130H.

3. F-22 Raptor departing Nellis.

4. Look at that smoke, the EPA must be having a fit.

5. Here we go.

6. Turning for Indian Springs.

7. A look back.

8. Preparing to climb to 30,500.

9. Over Area 51.

10. On descent. (forgot to resize)

11. Look closely at the smoke trail, and you will see how bad the gusts were on descent. Note: they were a lot worse before I got below 18,000.

12. On final.

13. Slowing down. Notice the Janet 737-200 on the very left of the picture.

14. Parked.

Thanks for viewing.

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Great shots and very historic, I thought I saw Scott Crossfield in the X-15. 😀

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