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Hi Dave,

I'm not at my usual PC and don't have access to my email, so just a quick note to say that I'm off to Copenhagen tonight, so won't get to try out the CD until I get back on Monday...... but sure it will arrive tomorrow so I'll be trying it out as soon as it comes and will get back to you first thing Tuesday, when I'm back on the Net at work !

Thanks again, look forward to checking out the Citation, Hangar and Flybus Twin Otter !

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Dave Copeland (davec) Captain

Been away shopping all morning with my wife 0 earnig some brownie points!!
Make sure you and your good lady Sarah have a wonderful weekend in Copenhagen - be careful with the Carlsberg abd don't be telling the a/c Captain that he is going to miss the glide path Secret
Please wish Sarah - a Happy Birthday from me and I hope she has taken the Repaint Manaul with her for reading n the plane!!
All the Best 🍻

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