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my new fsx video

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I know that there are some mistakes ie take off and landing but have a look and see what u think. only my 2nd one and i want to do more and get better at it 🙂

you tube


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flight 1 ( and the voice pack comes with the plane. And thank you Wink

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that's very nice
much better than the ones i've tried making

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I AM impressed!
Being brand new to flight simming, although a sometimes pilot and flight instructor for more than forty years, I am eager to play.

I will not critique control technique, merely video points.
Thank you for sharing this--it is beautiful and reminds me both of many happy hours in the cockpit as well as many miserable hours sitting white knuckled in the coach section.

Being limited to a slow dial up connection, I only managed to download the first four minutes from you tube, but I watched that over and over as it was loading.

Currently, I'm downloading your longer file, as I can do that with less attention and less likelihood of blowing it off (as happened on you tube.)

Thanks again for sharing the results of your talent and efforts: you've made my day!

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