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hi i was wondering if any one could tell me is there any way to fire weapons in free flight? which planes come whith wepons? can i add wepons? just wanted to know Thanks for your help guys.
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don't know about free flight but I know that Abacus Flight Deck 5 has a mission that needs you to bomb some bases in the F/A-18.
You could probably go into the file and configure it to a copy of the aircraft so you can fly one model that drops bombs and one that doesn't.
If you feel brave enough, you could try adding it to another aircraft of your choise.
Hope it helps.

But it is a quistion I too have.

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so were both waiting on something to come 😎

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Save a flight... Go into the FLT file and add this for the IRIS Weapons Package you can get from avsim. Then check out the readme file. It helps alot.

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