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No Anti-aliasing even when its on

Rashid Guest

Hi Guys,

I was running my FS2004 with anti-aliasing on with a res of 1280*1024*32

I dont know what happened but now there is no anti-aliasing. The anti-aliasing is still on in the ATI Control panel. I tried switching it off and on in the game itself, but it makes no difference.

There is anti-alaising in other games, but not in FS 2004. The only way is to set the res to 1280*960 which I dont want. It was working before, but not anymore.

Any ideas???

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Pro Member Chief Captain
RadarMan Chief Captain

Leave it off in the sim settings, it doesn't help at all.
You might try to download the latest drivers and a new control panel.
I have mine set at AA 4x, AF 16x for a ATI Radeon 9800 128mb Pro.


Rashid Guest

Hi Radarman,

thanks. I have got a 9800 128mb pro card running the 4.10 catalyst drivers. The only thing i can remember doing was declocking the card back to its original clock. I had overclocked it using atitool. But then I was getting this funny graphic problem where you see a bit of tiny sqaures at certain places. On ground or in flight. So I underclocked it, but that still happens(could be faulty memory on my card).

Do you think the antialiasing stopped after i did that. I think it should work with or without overclocking.


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RadarMan Chief Captain

Overclocking can harm or even ruin a card.
I'm not saying this is the problem but we can't rule it out.
I know it's not a nice thing to suggest but if you are still under warrantee take it back for exchange.


Guest Ed Guest

If you have the latest drivers, you might try removing the drivers and reinstalling them. Sometimes drivers get corrupt and need to be reinstalled. My last computer used to be bad about corrupting the sound drivers, and they needed to be reinstalled.


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