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Hi again,
For those of you who fly a lot, whats a good flight plan for scenery etc. I normally fly Bahrain to Schipol/Heathrow/CDG/Frankfurt. Or I fly from the one of the 4 European cities I just mentioned to Dallas. I have been flying this route for around 4 years now, mainly because thats the only flight I ever make in real life. I occasionally fly to KLAX, KPDX, etc. but thats about it. Im getting pretty board. BTW, I fly 757/777/737, so please dont mention anything with like a 14nm hop, because it's tough on a jet.

Thank You

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It seems you like to fly longhaul(too long for me Sleep
You can have some challenging short haul,say Heathrow to any mainland Europe destination(anything from say 1 hr to 5 hr)
Plenty of tricky app/landings to be had

1st up have a look here ➡

Let us know

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