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My first repaints!!!!

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Finally got them done. The 747 was my first then I moved onto the 737 for my bro Chuck72. Big kudos Clapping out to Tailhook for his patience and help in getting me info and links to get this done. And yep, my own design and VA. critique yay or nay welcome

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Group Wave
that is tight...Thanks bro......its is the bomb Bow Down

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Sweet Very Happy Very Happy

(that would be a yay)

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Duncan (Razgr1z912) Captain

Nice paints! Do you have a 777 in your fleet? If so I would like to fly for your airline. The wilco 777 is the one that I can (maby) give you a paint kit for.

Or the Airbus A340-600 (I can defiantly get you a paint kit. CLS Commercial Level Simulation A340-600) would be sick.

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Great effort Batman Clapping ...I knew you had something cooking.
One day I'll come and fly for you if you promise to paint a Batmobile on my aircraft Very Happy

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emerald_flag wrote:

Razgr1z912 wrote:


and how many do you know how to fully work...

4 Including

iFly 747-400/PMDG 747X (Same things really..)

Boeing-Wilcopub 777-200ER

Aerosoft Twin Otter

CS F/A-18D

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Man once again I give you props for learning how to fly that many aircraft at that age raz. Very good repaints btw I love them.

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very cool how did you do that?

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