Vista SP1

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its now out offically - will test the performance later today to see if FSX runs any better. Bewarned - it takes 1 hour to install.




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Chris Morris (morris91) Captain

Great i been waiting to get SP1 for ages.

BUT both your links don't work or have taken me to a wrong page !

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Tailhook Chief Captain

That's good news doubleb. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

Morris try this link:

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Chris Morris (morris91) Captain

Don't need the link now. But thanks for finding it im sure other people will need it aswell.

I downloaded it now and just this second finished Installing. It took me all together around 2Hour's to install. But i just let it go on with what it wanted to do while i watched TV.

But i gotta say my file transfer is faster than ever i can copy files into another folder more faster than ever now.

AND anyone who does download & install this Update, Just remember to Update your Performance Infomation in the Control Panel and Refresh your Score !

My score was the same as last but my Graphics went up 1 point !

EDIT: A PDF file with what is included in SP1 & other things so check it out:

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Tailhook Chief Captain

The real question is will you be able to reformat your hard drive with this downloaded SP1... Umm...

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Paul (W5PDA) Trainee

My take on Vista is quite simple. (read the first letter of each word)


XP while not perfect, does the job for me quite well 😀 [/b]

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Cheeks Chief Captain

Try posting to the newer posts mate, these ones arent of use for anything 😉

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