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Just a problem that on some of my planes happens sometimes. Whenever I start the plane the throttles do not sync. On my joystick I move the throttle which usually adjusts the aircrafts power. But this problem only limits that to on engine with power. I was just wondering if anyone has figured a way to fix this rather than ending the flight and restarting it.

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Try this..

Go to Controls.

Find "Aircraft (Reload)"

Set it to Ctrl Shift R or whatever you want. Once that has happened press the key combination to reload your aircraft if lets say you changed the panel, or in your case the engine throttle sync is not working properly.

Hope this has helped.

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I'm not sure that we're reading this in the same way. If Razgr1z912's method doesn't work for you try the following:

On twin engine a/c: While holding down Shift+E simultaneously, press 1 and 2 in rapid succession.

On an a/c with four engines you add 3 and 4, in other words 1-2-3-4.

There is also a gauge you could have a look at:

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ok thanks guys ill try that.

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