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Ok, when they talk about running the engine lean, DO IT !!!! Embarassed

I was flying a rout over the Pacific that was flown durring WWII with the Baron 58, 1,200 miles, should have been in range even if it was a long time sitting on my behind (gota hand it to them old timers, talk about bunns of steel 😳 ). Made it about half way and then, KERRRPLUNK Crying or Very sad .

This was the longest flight I had tried so far by a long shot, and like the subject says, Lesson learned !!

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Next time use a seaplane, just to be safe (cant help you once you've landed though, best left to the sharks meharty)

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LOL, Warlord 😀

Yeah, I thought about that, but I was going from Rabaul to Peleliu. No water bases and I still am not that comfortable with the moving of planes around. (last time I flew in FS was way back with FS 1)

The original flights were flown during the battle for Peleliu to resupply the troops durring a storm when the Navy couldnt unload.

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