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Aimimg point for landing?

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So the past while I've been landing all my planes in the spot view - just taking the easy way out I suppose. Lately I've been trying to land right by flying all the way in with cockpit view.

My question is - is there a point you should be aiming for? I try to keep the far edge of the runway in sight, but I never know when I am actually over the runway. I've shorted a few times thinking I was fine, but ended up landing on grass instead - and a school bus or two.

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Mohit (Mc_GaNgStA) First Officer

It depends what kind of landing you are doing. If it's an ILS you should use the indicators as a reference and as you get close to touchdown the far end of the runway.

If you're doing a visual approach then I think it would take a few attempts to get it on the centre line because you have to take your own references...especially in cockpit view (for instance a position of the compass and the runway edge).

I personally tend to have a reference before taking off (when my aircraft is on centre line ready for departure), usually a mark on the dashboard or compass and use it for landing.

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Not really sure if this is what you mean but in real life when flying props of course you want to aim basically for the numbers or even before that. Once you KNOW you are going to make it then you pull your power back and then flare - basically try to keep it even and eventually your rear wheels will touch down. About the center line whenever you taxi go ahead and use spot view on the outside of your aircraft and then go to your vc and see how it looks and just use that as a reference when trying to stay centered.

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Yeah, that is pretty much what I meant. I know those lines (piano keys I think they are called) are supposed to mean something. I just didn't know if there was a reference point on the runway so that you could no you were right over it and it is safe to touch down. I'm guessing with the 747 it is hard to even see the runway as you come in for final.

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rowcoach wrote:

I'm guessing with the 747 it is hard to even see the runway as you come in for final.

This is really the key to answering your post in the first place. With those big ones you're already nose up when you're still miles out from the touch down point.
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