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hey there, extremely new to add-ons here! I could really use some help from anyone who can! I had downloaded some aircraft and followed as many tips as I could find like turning off the UAC (using MS Vista) loading FSX in its own folder and not in the program files, ect. Anyway, some of the planes didn't load at all, and a lot loaded but the planes were just white on the outside or guages would be missing. Even a couple of the Payware planes will not load on to FSX but I can get them on to FS9. (they have patches for fsx) Any help I could get would be greatly apprecitated! I am finally learning that there is much more to the simulator than I had thought and really beginning to enjoy it! Thanks again!

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FS9 gauges won't work in FSX, be sure to only use FSX aircraft for FSX unless stated in the read-me that comes with the download that tells you it can work in both.

Try this.


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