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addon aircraft and frame rate

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Seems like once i started goofing with addons my frame rate dropped pretty bad. I did a re install of my game then realized that the uninstaller leaves the aircraft effects and guages folder there lol so i did it again and manually deleted those folders. I was for sure i had deleted everything. when i reinstalled fs2004 somehow it rememberd my graffix settings and the last airport i took off from. So apparently im not removing everything. Any ideas or suggestions?

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Not sure I understand your question... when you uninstall fs9, all your freeware add-ons and effects and gauges will remain.
If you want to get rid of those, you have to delete them manually.

Reason being, sometimes we want to re-install the sim without having to re-install the add-ons which could take up to a week or more.

The reason why add-on a/c affect your FPS is because add-ons use more paint compared to the default MS a/c.

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