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My repaint site is looking for help. We have been swamped with requests and just cant keep up. We are looking for any FS version repainters.

All we offer is a place to perhaps sell any personal repaints, any donations that are received as a result of your work you get to keep, but mostly a chance to help out simmers and belong to a painter community where we can all hopefully learn and better out skills through sharing. ( now lets go hug a tree )

Let me know if you are interested.

and thanks for listening 🙂

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I was going to say that you might get more sincere help if you offered tuition in return instead of money.
If you offer financial gains, you're bound to get a bunch of bounty hunters who'll produce inferior quality textures. Good luck 🙂

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good point, although there will be a quality control process 😂

anyone interested in learning how to paint is welcome too, I would actually prefer it. Then we can make sure that all of our painters have learned well and do a decent job.

We can call it an internship ? or an apprenticeship ? 😂

thanks for the comments though, that was something that I haddn't thought of.

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