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More study questions...Please answer quickly!

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All right, this is it, I'm going to look at these, and then take the exam!

GROUND clears you to "taxi to runway 22R via Kilo and November," To get to runway 22R you must cross runways 15R and 15L. Are you cleared to cross them?

What are the Maximum turbojet holding airspeeds?

The winds at KSLC are 190 @ 13. What are the active Runways?

What does 180 ETOPS limit a plane's route to?

Who controls the eastern half of North Atlantic airspace?

iName at least one method of correcting for a crosswind on approach.

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If you are cleared to a point which crosses a runway you are in theory cleared to cross the runways. So yes. Personally I would still verify this with ATC.
Max Holding speeds for turbojets for the US:
Max would be 265kts IAS this is above 14000ft
KSLC- If going on wind alone then 17 would be best. Gives 2900 ish metres for length. There is no ILS on this rw however so if the question states in low vis then 16L would be best.
180 ETOPS means your plan must not take the aircrafts route away from land for more than 3 hours. ie you must always be within 3 hours of land!
I would imagine it is Shanwick Oceanic that covers this area.

Crabbing or wing down
Please do not quote me on the above but from my studies these are accurate although admittedly my only flying in the states was for PPL!
Good luck.

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YOu use the crab method. You keep yourself lined up with the runway. Say the runway heading is 360 you would have you nose heading 345 and then at the last minute when you are about to land you apply right rudder pressure so your nose is lined up with the runway and then you land it on its main wheel gear fist then lower you nose wheel as soon as you can so you can steer it. But be careful not to lower your nose too quickly. Good luck!

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You use what you are comfortable with unless your airline/aircraft specifies a method. I use wing down in my Cessna but when I flew the 752 I crabbed....that is crabbed not crapped!

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