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As I usually do, I scan the latest posts to gleen any info or technics that would make FS better. In a recent post, somone asked about moving jetways in or for FS9. They recieved an answer concerning AES. I had seen downloads for A'C or scenery on ASVIM, but it alway said you needed the payware version of AES. Being bored, I checked out AES and found that it was free for limited airports (one free for Boston and a number of European airports).

I downloaded AES and set out on a road of utter amasement!

For those thinking of using AES, read everything that comes with it. Go to ASVIM and download the AFCADS and aircraft.cfg's for your AC (mostly covers all POSKY, Kitty Hawk, and various other planes).

There is not much to get used to in the AES commands. All commands are in the F1 thru F9 keys. Just remember that AES works AFTER your engines are shut down. oh, and it has a fantastic hands off pushbak that is spot on every time!

Due to the number of free European airports, I have finally, after two years on FS9, started flying around Europe! I have not yet purchaced any of AES credits (explained in the documentation).

My bottom line on AES is that it is well worth the small effort to download and use. It makes the simulatiopn experience more enjoyable and realistic.

One last note: Using AES and the AFCADS they recommend DO NOT slow the frame rate down more that 2-4 fps on my system!

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