can i install one by one?

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i dint have DVD drive in my pc but my friend have.
i am planning to install FSX in his PC then copy each folder in my 2GB pendrive [6-7 times]
are all folders and files are less than 2 GB so that i can copy em 1 by 1

i also want to know that,
i have fs2002 and it has poor ILS system and uses only one runway instead of all runways of an airport for take off and landings

i want to know that =FSX uses all runways?
and have good ILS?



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I do not think it is OK to the first question. U may copy the DVD as it is to his computer and than U may copy from his computer to yours with some thing like PC-LINK and than run installation from your hard disk but U can not perform an installation on his computer and transfer the subdirs to yours.

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n7xlq1 First Officer

What you could do is get HD portable incloser then install the DVD in there then install the FSX in the computer you intend to use it on.

OR go out and buy a DVD/RW and install it, there not that expensive.

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Luke (warlord40) First Officer

Not since 1993 have I heard of a computer not having a cd drive... How old is your computer? Will it even run FSX?

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Bob (Traches) First Officer

Best way I can think of to do it would be to set up your friend's computer on the same network as your computer (I.E. plug them into the same router) and use his dvd drive as a network drive. However, I'm not entirely sure if flight sim's copy protection will allow the installation to run that way.

I've also got some doubts as to whether this computer can even run flight sim or not!! Hit start, run, type dxdiag, and hit enter. Post what it says under processor and memory, and then switch over to your display tab and post the device name. (That's your video card.) Thanks!

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Netz Rafi (Rafi) First Officer

There is another possibility . If U have a disk on key large enough or U can borrow one it is really easy to copy from DVD to disk on key and than from disk on key to your computer. Today’s there R disk on key 8Gb or 16 Gb .

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Kc (puppy-paw) Trainee

this is a silly Question and yes

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