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I finally went out and bought A340 Pro, looks very good so far and the features in the FMC are great. I like to fly most of my flights IFR in the big jets and the extra realism is great, theres some nice touches like being able to scroll the cockpit screens through all the systems like the fuel and electrical.

The only problem is that it has highlighted the problem that my machine needs more RAM. In the defaults I get good enough frame rates that it doesn't stutter much if at at all, but in the a340 it stutters quite a bit. I figure upping the RAM should sort this out.

My question is what is the difference between unbuffered and registered DIMM's?

If I look at my PC handbook it says I need 184pin PC2700 SDRAM (333MHz) DIMM's. If I look on crucial I see the following

is this what I need?

Many thanks

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having had a nosey on the web I have found out that you cannot mix registered and unbuffered in a system.
However I am also now guessing that the registered DIMM's is probably for servers and workstations and that the unbuffered is for PC's.
can anyone confirm?

Also ECC relates to error correction, is most RAM in PC's non-ECC?
Can you mix and match non-ECC and ECC?


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If you mix ram (brands) most of the time they work together but if you mix two different types like you want to do it either won't work or the stronger ram will adopt the speed of the weaker ram.
If you have at least 512mb your safe, 1 gig would be ideal.
Ram makes the textures render faster.
Faster stronger ram isn't that much more improved over standard ram.
You are getting the stutters because of your video card and to some extent the ram.
Lower some of your settings, traffic, scenery, autogen.
Shut off water, lower clouds as much as possible and still have some and you should be smoother, IF you have a good video card.


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