Airport Design Editor 1.25 released today

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We are very pleased to announce the release of an Update to Airport Design Editor. This update will bring either 1.20 or 1.22 up to 1.25. There is no need to remove the 1.22 update before applying the new one. This version deals with a number of bugs and also adds some significant new functionality. Full details below.

Available via the on-line updater but should be available on AVSIM and FlightSim.Com shortly. We would appreciate you getting it from the external sources as this will reduce the bandwidth demands on our server which are currently rather high. Thank you for our understanding


* Cross wind runways. Partially automates the process of creating them
* Drag/drop sorting of runways in runway list. Allows re-ordering of runways in the bgl file
* Sloping polygons. User can edit individual vertex points for flattens. Vertex altitude can be set to FSX ground altitude.
* New airport background polygon altitude now defaults to airport reference altitude
* Change Airport Altitude. ADE generates pre-load bgl and places it correctly. Also adjusts all airport element altitudes to new altitude
* Taxi sign wizard helps visual design of signs
* Taxi sign tooltip shows visual of sign. Taxi sign list shows visual of sign
* Library object tooltip now shows a thumbnail of the object if available. Scenery object list shows a thumbnail of the object if available


* Tidied up terrain Polygon dialog
* Listing or adding elements will turn on the appropriate view option where the element is hidden
* There is now a scenery object list that contains generic buildings, library objects, fuel triggers and windsocks


* Bug that caused crash when creating a poly and dragging after closing poly with single click
* Bug that displayed numbers for cardinal runway idents
* Bug related to winding direction of terrain polygons
* Bug that stopped user marker being deleted from naviad list
* Bug that stopped Marker location being edited
* Bug when dragging marker
* Bug that allowed R00 in start properties
* Bug that allowed more than one item to remain selected
* Missing taxi link cursor
* Bug that left cvx bgl in place where shapes are all deleted

Here are a couple of screen shots of the new version


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