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Hey guys :(

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Alex (Fire_Emblem_Master) Chief Captain

Hey everyone, how are we all?
Crying or Very sad
I'm just writin here cause it seems no else one really cares.

I had a terrible day today, and i've been depressed/bummed for a long time, and I have no idea why. Most recenty, I was dumped by a girl I've liked for a long time, which sucked, but I'll live. I guess this is sort of my time to get the shaft, considering all the good stuff that's happened lately, but still, it sucks that no one I know seems really to care a whole lot. Dunno if you guys know the feeling, but it really sucks! So now, I'm sitting in my basement bored all to hell, and I've got no idea what to do to bring myself out of this funk. It's like I feel like crying or something, but I've got nothing to be sad about, so I'm sort of just sad. If I could put my finger on what was bugging me, I would, and the bitch of it all, when ever I'm depressed in the past, listening to Heino has always made me feel loads better, but it doesn't.

Sorry for telling you guys all this sad crap, but no one else seems to care.

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I know how you feel, man. I'm pretty low at the moment, myself. Just post-holiday back-to-work Monday blues, I guess.

When I'm down, playing something loud and abrasive on my bass guitar usually helps (I don't know any Heino tunes 😂 ).

I guess I can't do much to cheer you up, but you're not alone. You have friends out here in WWW-land. Hang in there, bro'.


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RadarMan Chief Captain

Yeah, we all go through that from time to time and all of a sudden it's gone. Sometimes it's the weather dark and dank.
Break out a piece of software that you haven't played in a long time and see if you can beat it like you used to do, get lost in something, take your mind of your girl, it's her loss not yours. If you weren't a good guy we wouldn't have anything to do with you.



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FEM you are a major part of this community and I really think without your input this would be a boring place, you make me laugh and have a very good understanding of the ways things work. Point being you must genuinely be a good guy! The girl....we have all been there it's part of life but there will be others and eventually you find the right one. Go fly! If you want to cry, cry if it helps but we are here for you. If I lived in the states I would come over drag you down to the airfield and belt around in an unimpressive Cessna! We could pretend it was a make the noises I could dress up and be the hostie what more could you want. Go on smile! Take it easy, remember you are the man!

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David (The-GPS-Kid) Captain

You the man FEM !

I'll tell you what I do when I'm feeling down or depressed - I walk... I just but my trainers on, walk out the house and just walk for as long as I can (8 hours once).... theres something theraputic about it, and I always feel a lot more positive after a good walk.

Take it easy and don't let the ******** get you down !

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Dave Copeland (davec) Captain

Hi FEM - Give yourself a bloody shake and think of all the less fortunate people in the world - as they say - I was moaning because I didn't have any shoes until I saw the man that didn't have any feet!!
Now go and have a look at your new unfinished gold Heino 757 in the Aircraft forum and that's sure to cheer you up - just look at the smile on Heino's face - you know all the troubles he's got!!
.... and if I read anymore of you being depressed and unhappy then you won't get the gold Heino for Christmas 😂 😉

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Kurt Stevens (KurtPStevens) First Officer

Buck up FEM. You are young. This is going to happen again. I have never listened to Heino, I would suggest some good Robert Cray or Jonny Lang for your mood. As was written above, walk it off. Look at it this less Christmas gift to buy.

And look on the bright side, Michigan is bound to beat OSU someday 🙂

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Manuel Agustin Clausse (Agus0404) Chief Captain

Hello FEM: are you feeling better today? I hope so.
I'm going to tell you something....I had a girlfriend for 8 months. We loved each other. But the problem, the big problem, was that we were separated by many miles. I was living in the US and she was living in Argentina. For the first months, she was strong. But then, her strenght was going down. It was hard to live like that when I was in the US and she was in Argentina. Finally, we decided to break up. I felt really bad, but I tried not to be depressed, which was hard.
I understand's hard to live like that. Try to concentrate on other things. Be yourself, our fellow Fire_Emblem_Master. Walking will help you. Listen to the Heino's some way it will help you. I'm sure.

Here, we will always help you. It's like we are a family.
You are a nice guy. I always like when you answer my questions.

Try not to worry, and be yourself.

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leadfoot First Officer

In September I met a lovely gal at an indian pow-wow in Loudenville Ohio. We hit it off. It was a miracle--- or so I thought. I'm 43 and this was my FIRST girlfriend in my entire adult life. It lasted a whole 5 weeks. I actually thought things were going to seriuosly change for the better for me, finally. I saw the signs though, but chose to ignore them. It finally became obvious to me that she just wasn't wrapped to tight.---- An extreme fear of the devil, much talk about the "unseen realm", pouring holy water on things given to me and then telling me not to open the bag they were in for 3 days or I'll get " bad energies " from them, things of that nature. I have since figured out that she is truely disturbed phsycologicly and emotionaly. It ended with false accusations and insults towards me. I felt as bad for her as I did for me. It has been hard for me living alone, burying both of my parents in less than two years--'99 and 2000, then to meet a real beauty Qween ( I know that beauty is more than skin deep) and think that my life might finally come to fruition----- I.E. wife, kids, family, only to find myself right back where I was in just five weeks. Alone. All I have is my music to comfort me, I am a classical pianist, concert grade at that. I have gotten over the hurt, and have a consolation prize for my efforts, I have learned that even I can have a date with a pretty lady. You have my sympathies. From a musician I say, listen to some music, my love is classical music. it is the deepest of all music as far as I am concerned. Remmember this,--- Love is the single largest source if inspiration for the most beautiful music in the world. The one residual effect of my 5 week encounter is the inspiration for my music. That alone makes true the saying " it is better to have loved and lost, than to have never loved at all". Sincerly Leadfoot.

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tomthetank Chief Captain

Hey F E M
Dont be down, you are young enough to withstand a few little female knocks
It allways feels the same,be it the 1st time or the 100th time, but you will bounce back
Some good advice above,for me though,it was allways headphones on and fry my ears with anything LOUD

You cant live without them,and you cant live with them

It may not help now,but(old British saying comming up 🙄 )There are plenty of fish in the sea or there are bigger and better fish to catch

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Alex (Fire_Emblem_Master) Chief Captain

Thanks guys, I feel a lot better today...I just got rid of the last thing that reminded me of that girl, so I'm sure to be great now! To t p it all off, my Chemistry teacher gave me a Poison CD today, so i'm jammin to that right now!

Thanks for all the support guys!

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leadfoot First Officer

I like the data sheet.

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mako (makonnenl) First Officer

Get out of the basement and go to a Pub if there is one in your are.
Aint you supposed to take the exam ❓
Don't crash the plane.............. Embarassed

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Dave Copeland (davec) Captain

On a happier note - I met and married girl in 1952 and we still live happily together today and hope we might make our Diamond Anniversary in 8 years time. - so it's not all doom and gloom 😂

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