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I have FS 2004 and a Saitek X45 joystick. My problem is everytime I try to manuver my aircraft on the ground, the rudder sticks to the left. When I'm starting my taxi to the runway, everything seems fine, then all of a sudden the plane makes a hard left turn and I see the rudder just automatically flicks into the left position and stays there unless I straighten it, but it eventually does it again and again. I wasn't sure if this is a common software problem or maybe it's the joystick, but it seemed to me that maybe my computer has a virus or something. Any ideas on how I can stop the rudder from flicking into the left postion while moving on the ground? It doesn't seem to be an issue when the plane is airborne. Thanks.

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Netz Rafi (Rafi) First Officer

Did U rty calibrate it? I hardly belive it is some thing wrong with your JS or U ahve virus

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Hi Guest,

This is a common problem with Saitek Joysticks. Updated drivers are available from the Saitek web-site, and also calibrating your Joystick and turning off "Auto Rudder" helps with this problem.

I didn't have Internet access to download the updated Saitek drivers, so ultimately in that situation it was a case of swapping the Joystick for a Logitech one ! You should be fine if you can get the updated drivers though.

Good luck !


Thanks for the info. I updated the driver, so I will see what happens. Also, how do you turn off the auto rudder?

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