Announcing Virtual Skies

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The launch of the world's latest flight simulation environment, Virtual Skies is finally here.

Nine months in the making, this new organization sports a range of in-house developers, enthusiastic young controllers, industry based managers and a management list to be proud of.

Providing servers in the UK and in the States, Virtual Skies quietly boasts an attitude of "time for a change" for those disillusioned with the elitist and impersonal attitude prevalent in many larger flight simulation networks. Jayden Spring (chairman) explains, "We have deliberately taken time to develop new systems and consider every entertainment option so that over a long controlled period we will be able to develop new talent in both controllers and pilots and bring a range of innovative options on board".

Offering experienced ATC and pilots a new challenge whilst providing resources and training for newer members, Virtual Skies aims to provide a lower barrier of entry for both pilots and controllers alike. With friendly staff waiting to help the company's mission statement makes its position clear "Isn't it time for a change?".

Why not join today? Register at and let the fun begin!

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3 months is not enough. Let the VA soak for atleast 1 year.

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Better still, come on over to

Create your own airline(60 hrs minimum per month)

Recommends to link = 1mill in the bank and your own plane, call sign , tail number and flight following.

Regular group fly-ins to welcome members.

ATC with attitude as usual

Nothing to lose, give us a try!


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