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cumulative stress

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I've had SETTINGS - REALISM at custom realistic with Crashes and damage checked for a year now. There's a free flight out of KSLR in a Cub that I have played 3 - 4 times a week for about 4 months now, saving at the end of a sesson. Lately I notice less power compared to a free flight in a fresh Cub at the same altitude & weather. A newly selected Cub will cruise at 68 mph / 75% power and hold trimed MSL. After 4 months of saved sessons this Cub only made 63 mph / 75% and it won't trim to level flight.

Tonite I did Repair and Refuel before doing touch-and-gos and performance is back to spec! Soo, I'm assuming that aircraft stress is saved and accumulated during the next sesson. Eventually FSX models can wear out like a real airplane...

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Quite interesting, I never even noticed 😉

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That's pretty cool! I'm gonna start saving my flights all the time!

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