Login/Server/Account Issues?

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Anybody know what's going on?

I login as normal and try to download FSX planes (yes, I finally bit the FSX bullet) and I get "We are sorry, but you cannot Download this file unless you are a Registered Member, or you are logged into Your Account.
Register Here!"

Then only problem is, I've been a registered user for several years, so I do believe I know how to login Smile

I couldn't get in on my desktop, but I got in after several login attemts on my laptop. Any suggestions?

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Try a different browser.
If you have problems with one certain one let me know so Flyaway can fix it.


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Paul (W5PDA) Trainee

I'll try that, but as of this writing, it seems to be an issue with both IE & FireFox. I'll try it later with Safari and Netscrape 😀

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It's possible that you have logged in to JUST the forums. Fix this by logging out completely and re-logging in using the Your Account link at the top of this site.

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Paul (W5PDA) Trainee

It took me several days of experimenting, but I think I've narrowed the problem down quite a bit.

As I'm writing this (on my laptop) I'm downloading a file from flyaway without any noticeable trouble, save for the "limitations" of bandwidth running on a WiMax (Clearwire) connection. I use the "Clearwire Security Suite" and after a bit of routine tweaking, was able to download from flyaway without any noticeable problems.

I now believe the problem lies within the Roadrunner version of the internet security suite from, as I seem to have an issue with (my desktop) displaying pages with flash/shockwave content, and/or storing cookies. Java (such as was a problem, but now seems to be working properly.

In short, I can do Pogo/AOL games, but I can't Youtube or stampdot.

I've enabled cookies in IE, added individual sites to safe zone and the like, but I'm quite puzzled now. Hopefully one of our more technically-minded members can offer some advice 🙂

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