Buying a 9800GX2... help!

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I recently decided to buy the latest and greatest graphics card: the nVidia eVGA 9800GX2. Even though it might be a few months before I can get my hands on one (I'm a HS student with no job), I decided to start researching the card. I went to amazon and found that they ranged for $529 to $604. Yet to me, they all seem the same. Is there any difference between those cards, or a some people just overly optimistic in their sales prices?


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They'll differ in things like the amount of memory on them, the processor clock speed, number of pipelines for data etc

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Different companies may put addons onto the card, here is the link to the 'factory set' product to make a comparison to the ones your seeing:

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Vanya First Officer

Awesome, thanks for the link, warlord. Provides a nice comparison between the baseline and the one I chose. TTFN

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