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Scare at O'Hare

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robsherborne Trainee

After an uneventful flight I got the go-around at O'Hare only to become aware that ATC gave the go-around to someone else very quickly after me. I paused and this is the result.

Goes to show even the most uneventful flights can turn nasty in a moment.

Bet the to AA crews on the ground had a story to tell back at the crewroom.

Keeping my distance for the next approach - let him go first I think.

"You have control" to the first officer, "I'm going to change my pants down the back!"

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Drew B (belgeode) Chief Captain

WOW... lucky break... I used to have them land on me while I was taking off...

AISmooth is a little program you can get that prevents that. freeware.

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