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Light at the end? Hopefully not

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Family Virtual Airlines has been taking just hit after hit lately. The cost to maintain the fleet, raising gas prices, our yearly budget is about shot and its not even the end of Q2 yet. The CEO has been thinking of stepping down his position and me the COO take over. Truth is, we only have 10 active pilots and the daily flights are not bringing in enough income to keep this airline afloat. The staff has spent a great deal of time working together to make Family Virtual a friendly place for pilots to fly. We have what many VAs lack, human contact. So the FVA team is now sending out its final plea, if you are looking to fly for someone, please come give us a look. If you have any questions, my door is always open. Feel free to contact me, my email is in my signature.

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Could be worse... USAirways Virtual basically lost all its management except a select few that stuck through it...

Life is not easy but we are putting it back together... I am sure you can too.

Probably the only thing we have going for us is hundreds of pilots that do NOT check the forums to see the drama.

This too shall pass......

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Thank you for the encouragement. Ive actually been getting alot of responses from this same message ive been putting in all the forums.

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