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Something needs to change...

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I don't know about everyone else here, but I think something needs to change between all of these new and existing virtual airlines. The way everyone says they are "different" is astounding. I can only think of about three or four virtual airlines that are actually different than the rest of the pack. For starters, there are too many virtual airlines in existence, which is something that cannot really be helped. Like almost all virtual airline CEOs, I myself enjoy creating a community that is successful and that means something in the flight sim community.

The main reason I chose to start this topic is because virtual airlines are way too isolated from one another. Since I am business-minded, it boggles my mind how very few people have even tried or wanted to try at competing with other virtual airlines, determining the market share of a certain route, or even form alliances. I am one who likes everything to be as realistic as possible, so I guess you can see where this is all coming from. I like what has done with their virtual airline competition network. Afterall, that is why real-world airlines are even in the compete, right? I might come off as totally bizarre, but what I've stated is my complete opinion on the subject more or less. It would be really cool to see virtual airlines interacting with one another more often. Idea

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I would like to see all VA's all runing in the same session, so that its not just one country or place with the airline but the entire globe with literally thousands of pilots all interacting - as it would be in real life. Razz
But this is just one of my wishlists, I doubt this will ever happen anytime soon Crying or Very sad

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I would like very much for a huge VA management system to be created, still allowing VA's to operate on their own terms, but containing info such as..."flights currently on VATSIM", "Total Hours flown", "Rosters" ect, and other news about said VA's or affecting some...

I think this service should contain all major VA's out there...if anyone wants to help, let me know Very Happy

Other services could be offered too, for example, a VA flyin booking system, allowing VA's to book allotted times and routes for flyin's on a particular night...

A voice Unicom could also be setup either on TS or it could be worked from within VATSIM (?), to allow pilots to interact all over the globe.

As I say, if anyone else likes the idea, and would like to contribute, PM me or send an email to: jamesharvey1994 [at] blueyonder [dot] co [dot] uk

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