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I am undecided about these 2, which would you prefer to use for your VA? Feel free to make other decisions if you think there are better options, I'm just curious Cool

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Neither! The VA i fly for uses ACARS and a manual option, and i find the good old manual option the best by far. By the time you set it all up and import the flight and mess about switching windows you could be half way to your destination, and don't even mention it crashing!

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Funny you should mention that......

Up till last month US Airways VA used VAFS. When the CEO and some of the staff quit it appears someone decided to hack it and systematically began deleting pilots, routes and planes.

We as a result had a full ground stop (written about in my latest Tale), and are in process of migrating back to FS ACARS.

VAFS was very easy to use but there are SERIOUS security issues with it where someone who is not even on the roster can just get in and do what they want to the airline... We never found out who it was, and when we approached VAFS for help they were less than cooperative.

FSACARS keeps it all in house for our VA and with a few tweaks we should be back up to speed in no time. Also the manual pirep helps too for those who have compatibility or system issues using FSACARS.

Ideally, I'd love to see FSPassengers used but that is not in my control.

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I like fsacars but couldn't get the receive pirep to work. There is another program called FS flight keeper. I was in touch with the creator when I had PirateAir, he is very reasonable.

Its a shame that Censored have to Censored things up like that.

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