Can Anyone Help Me Find A Developer?

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I really didn't think it would be this difficult to find help in the various FS forums but I cannot get any help or information from anyone about how to find contact info for developers who are willing to take my UFO model and make it flyable in FSX. I am willing to pay a fee if that is what it takes.

I can model but I can't program. I have the 3DMAX model sitting around collecting dust.

If ANYONE can help me, a promise 10 kajillion Good Karma Life Points.


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RadarMan Chief Captain

Download a free aircraft that you like and in the read-me will be the designers email.
Contact him and see if he'll help.


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Karlw Captain

Yes as Radarman said

p.s I pm'ed someone that was making an fsx model x-3 with a vc and he never pm'ed me back???

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