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I've been using 2004 for a while now as my graphic card was rubbish and since I could run 2004 on Ultra Detail, and FSX on the lowset I stuck with 2004. However now I've upgraded to a DX10 compatiable card and I just want to ask some general questions about things I've heard so I can validate these claims.

1) Flight Sim X runs better on DX10 (I Vista but will only install if this is true)

2) You need a minimum 2GB RAM (Which I now have, even though the Min Spec says only a GB is needed)

3) FSX gones on pure clock speed alone (Meaning my 3.7 Ghz CPU will work fine regardless that it is Single Core)

Just in case the rest of my specs are:

3.7 GHz Pentium D
2GB Ram
Geforce 8800 GT Fatality

PLEASE NOTE: This is not really a 'Will my PC run Flight Sim'. I just want to know if the claims I heard are true.


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1) False....For some it does..But it depends entirely on your setup....Vista will allow better use of ram than XP

2) True... But FSX and XP use all that up..Leaving room for OOM errors and display issues too as your Vid card also utilizes your ram.....

3) False.. Fsx uses all your computer resorses... Fact it is very CPU intensive,so the higher the better.... your processor is fine,but being single you will get slow load times and some bottleneck in heave areas like,airports,enhanced weather,AI traffic,etc... thenewer dual and expecially the quads addredd these issues better,faster,without the lags....

Hope this helps...

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HI I have to agree with harleyman52
I have a pentium D 3.4ghz 3 gig of ram and an 8800 geforce with 640 gig of ram. I run fsx on vista and it runs ok with medium to high settings
It can stutter now and again over large airports but it is still flyable.
I do not run fsx on DX10 as alot of my addons do not work very well with DX10, I find it is not much faster and there can be graphic issues in the sim so i stick with DX9.
If you are upgrading to vista just to run DX10 then i think you will be dissapointed, but vista is good with sp1 installed

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