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It's not often i post VA shots but i thought i'd share these (just wish i could think of a storyline like bels' USAIR Tales Very Happy )
About a week ago i made a suggestion in the Captains forum about having a route to Juliana, only to be told we already have one Embarassed (they were very nice about it, they did'nt call me names or anything Razz ).So i made my way from my hub at KSTL in a company 737-700 to KATL (our main HQ) from there i took a company 757-200 to KMIA and then finally a company 767-200 to Juliana. So these are the shots of the return from Juliana to Miami.
All closed up and ready for pushback

Taxi to RWY27, this is a bit unusual as this puts us taking off over the beach rather than landing

Holding for the departing Delta

Crossing the beach on takeoff

Climbing out

In cruise

Approaching the coast of Florida


On approach

Using real world weather there was quite a crosswind on landing as you can see by the rudder position as i was trying to keep it on the centreline

Applying reverse thrust to stop this beast Very Happy

Thank you for taking the time to view.

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Cheeks Chief Captain

I love your shots dude, they make me drool Laughing
Long take off run there too btw Shocked

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Chris Morris (morris91) Chief Captain

Nice one WF!!!

On your takeoff, i would of thought that jeep would be blown away

But tell yea what i love your shots & hoping to see more!

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Drew B (belgeode) Chief Captain

Dang Welsh that is awesome lookin!!!! Very nice story too!

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Tartanaviation First Officer

Some very nice screenshots there. Very nice livery.

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larobley Trainee

Cool thanks for sharing great shots Cool

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drwhoere First Officer

Nice Welshflyer, I just joined slipstream, my name is Luke Spoor over there

Just did that for my sig, what ya think?

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robsherborne Trainee

Excellent captures. Liking that livery a lot - very polished, just like the shots Cool

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walesdragon Captain

Dang Welshflyer!! You MUST send me those beer and pies that you feed your computer because those are some EXTREME screenshots! They are awesome!

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Welshflyer Chief Captain

Thanks very much all Very Happy , and Luke, welcome to Slipstream Cheers! Kick Kick

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drwhoere First Officer

Thanks Welsh! Very Happy I could make you a sig for here you know!

Here's mine

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Drew B (belgeode) Chief Captain

What and have him remove the tomcat?!?!?!? BLASPHEMY!!!

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