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Looking for a VA to join (preff admin or staff not pilot)

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I'm looking for a european based VA that is looking for any staff or admin positions to fill. I have a fairly large array of skills that allow me to do quite a few tasks and jobs to a high standard. sadly i can't fly that often due to time restarints (setting up a distribution company so always busy) but need something else to take my mind off it all but will try and fly as much as possible.

I'm more then willing to put in as much effort as i can and will always give the task at hand a decent shot and if i get stuck or have no clue what i'm doing i'm not afraid to ask.

So if there are any VA's out there preferably UK based or in less proffered in Europe please drop me an email: or leave a post thanks.

Nick Buttery 😀

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Andrew Burke (ual4720) Trainee

Hello Jembut,
I am building a VA with a fellow enthusiast. We are currently looking for staff members. Redline is U.S. and Euro based. We are still in the process of creating our European department.

If you have any questions you can email me at: andrewb(at)redlineva(dot)com

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