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Believe it or don't

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I came across this very randomly...:
Believe it or don't, even with nearly 25,000 airports in Flight Simulator X, we do occasionally get reports of one we missed. It's a big planet, after all! Anyway, our lead Designer Paul Lange posted a request on his blog the other day looking for details about airports that somehow or other didn't make it in to FSX. Read his post for more information, and remember ... he asked for it!

Heres the link from fsinsider I've posted my own already...!D282374D24B565FB!842.entry

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Rodney Jacobs (GundamWZero) Captain

Opened a can of worms, didn't he? 😎

I guess that is why the MS design tem add the SDK to the Deluxe Edition; If you get that Airport Creator some where in the web, you can build your own or re-create your local airports. 😀

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Even so, he asked for MISSING airports not bugs in the existing airports. He ended up with alot of complaints about bugs (sigh)...people just don't listen.

IMHO, rather than worrying about throwing a billion different worldwide airports into the game (and having them be inaccurate and look terrible), it seems like it'd be better to ASK for the bugs and perfect the 25,000 airports that they ALREADY HAVE!

If you can't correctly do the ones you already have, why ask for more?

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