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Im not sure what its called but i think that its called vfr(all i know is that it causes rings to appear to use tell u where u should go) please tell me how to access this feature!! I went to The Learning Center but i still dont know how to activate it Confused Dont Know Help! Think

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During flight, hit ALT, then in the top menu, mouse over them, one by one, one of the tabs have a option called "Visual Flight Path" that's what your looking for. I do not know how to make it work, i've been unsucsessful at tryingl.

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One thing that the instructions don't say is that you must already have a Flight Plan before you turn on the "Visual Flight Path" or you won't see anything. You have to go through the Flight Planner and create the flight, so that the Visual Flight Path has a path to visualize for you.


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