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I have this yoke.

i got it in December. I've been having a issue with the elevator trim. Today when ever I hit button 10 it doesnt work. Every other button works. This just started to occur today. Whats up w/ it? I've been working with it for a foew hours trying to figure it out. Just yesterday it was working.....

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It's not necessary to post the same question in 3 different forums.
Your not going to get and answer any faster that way.

It's spamming the forum.


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No offence, but that looks like a cheap copy of some of the better flight yokes out there...there's good reason why sometimes its good to pay the little bit extra. Unless it has warrantee, open it up and check for loose wires or bad soldering, or maybe something as simple as a loose plug or food/drink spillage. Good luck.

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It is looks like a CH product like my one. In my yoke button 12 stopped to function after 2 years. I know it is not going to comfort U at all. Recently I had to replace my pedals as well

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