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Tom Walstra (ikkeweer) Trainee

Hey all.

I play FSX, and I am Dutch (So normaly I land/start at schiphol amsterdam airport). But if I wanna go from schiphol to Orly, Paris. And
I say in the radio ''departure south'' than I'll get up to the west.

How can I do this or is it a bug?


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Westernstyle Captain

I have the same thing. Most likely it's because EHAM doesnt have a runway heading east.

Hope it helps,

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Concorde105 First Officer

What do you mean, "Then I'll get up to the west?"
Sometimes the fastest route is not directly to the destination.

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Jim Lapinsky (7ECA-Captain) First Officer

Who cares, do like we do in the real world, take their clearance and then divert. ;

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Taylor (Flyboy92) Captain

Asking for South Departure means that after you take-off your going to be turning south.

They may send you onto a runway that's pointing north, you ALWAYS take off into the wind so if the wind is coming out of the north your going to take-off heading that way and then you have to turn to the south.


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