Posting SDK technical questions, Which Forum?

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Hey all, Long time no post. I have been getting seriously involved with FSX SDK and am searching for some answers to questions I have regarding SDK. I am surprised that there isnt a seperate catagory for SDK. Where would it be most appropriate to post SDK technical questions? here? or in the General Forum? I dont want to end up posting in the wrong forum. this one seems more tailored for Aircraft and off the shelf add on's. I am more interested in Developement and tweaking of the FSX enviornment and programming modules. just point me to the place where SDK, or i can post here but my interests arent really Add-on/Download related. Thx. 😳

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Posting it in the general forum which is busy will get it pushed to the bottom.
This forum isn't as busy and it'll stay near the top.
If you keep all the ideas-questions in one post you-we will be more able to keep track of it.


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