Matrox triple monitor resolution problem

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I am using the Matrox tripleHead2go digital with three Samsung 22" LCDs and a XFX 9800GTX ... when I choose 3840x1024 I get the center screen wide and the two side monitors with black bars down the sides. 😞 When I use 3840x800 I get all monitors filled... also, I am missing the higher resolutions that my equipment can support. I have installed all of the latest drivers for the video card and from Matrox.

I will say this, one of my monitors is a Samsung 226bw while the other two are 2253bw. I have another 2253 on order to replace the 226... could this be causing my problems ? What about cables ? I am using the small DVI cables that came with the 2253 monitors. The 226 is using a heavy duty DVI cable... I don't know if that makes a difference either.

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