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Hi... Something happened and now when I arm the catapault icon, the
catapault takes off immediately but the aircraft does not. Prior to this the
catapault icon armed and I could rev the engines and then hit the brake
key, (period) and the aircraft would take off beautifully. All launchable
aircraft do not lauch from the catapault so this may lead to one common
file that is causing the proble. Can you help?

Thank you

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I assume you mean on a Carrier? What package do you have?

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IS it the one on flyaway, or abacus?

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If everything was working ok at one point it may be worth your while looking at what you've downloaded into the carrier pack since your problem and systematically finding the problem that way! It looks like that something you've added to it is causing the problem.
Carrier packs can be a major headache as there are many different ways of launch and trap out there, if you can't sort the problem out give me a PM and we'll go from there!

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When I first read this post I had a picture of him sitting there with the cat shuttle scooting off on its own, and he's braced onto the handles of his cockpit wondering why his plane is still sitting there...

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Hi All.... Thanks for the replies. It must have been something in the download or something I did so I reloaded the carriers and it went away
so now I have a catapault and launch. The only other problem I am having is posted with the Waikato Carrier and not being able to get the
aircraft in position for a catapault launch. This one has me fooled as I
reloaded the carrier at least 4 times with the same result.


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