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I know how to install aircraft into FSX but some of the aircraft that I download from this site the planes don't have any color. It just looks like a 3d model. Am I supposed to do something else?

Here is a link to a pic that I am talking about.

Thanks for your help.

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That happend to me too... I didn't play for a while and it was fixed... No idea... 😳

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The aircraft is too graphic intensive for your video card.
You might try updating your video drivers but a newer better card will do the trick.


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I have a 8800 Nvidia Card. I don't think it's the card

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Try turning off DX10 and see if that does anything.

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Mess with yer settings, could be they are too high

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If you have already done this then please ignore, just trying to help.

Check in the acraft folder of that aircraft and see if the texture= matches the name on the texture file, I've often seen a texture=XYZ and the texture file name or no name at all just texture

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