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Could someone please advise me about Windows XP SP3. Has it had any effect on FSX or FS9? I'm hesitant to down load it for fear it might screw up my sim or any other programs. 🙄

Thanks in advance ... Art

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This (HP+AMD) and a minor problem with Zonealarm (fixed by now) are the main ones reported.


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Thanks RM,
I checked out that site, and found several folks having problems with SP3, even on Intels (I have a Dell XPS 410 with an Intel Duo), so I think I'll pass for now. If it works, don't mess with it. Fear


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at: 07-25-08 @ 5:33 pm EST

I disagree that it's not Intel, it's not Microsoft, etc. I had a similar problem with a Dell XPS 410 which has "Intel Core"2 Duo Processors". After installing SP3 the system repeatedly rebooted. Logoff and cold reboot solved the continual reboot sometimes, other times it eased the problem only to have the problem reemerge when attempting to invoke the internet. After a few cold reboots IE stabilized. Plan to remove SP3.


Regards ... Art

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